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About Us

Ceren Animal Health Laboratory

2Established in 2002 in Konya (Turkey) under the name of Ceren Veterinary Services (Ceren Veteriner Hizmetleri), our business provides services in the areas of poultry and livestock health, feeding and health management of farms and herds. Also, to carry out our services more efficiently and in parallel with the development of the livestock sector, as well as to satisfy the needs of industrialised companies and technical teams that provide services in this sector, we launched the Ceren Veteriner Laboratuvari Laboratory in 2007. With an approach of principles, trust, precision, researcher and innovator Ceren Hayvan Sagligi ve Laboratuvar determines the most appropriate treatment option in each case related to the poultry and livestock clinical practice, animal feeding and consulting. The basic principle of a doctor before treatment must be the definitive diagnosis. As is the case in human medicine, in our practice, the error rate will be high in diagnoses lacking laboratory support. Nowadays, with the expansion of intensive animal husbandry, attempts to make the right decisions against diseases based solely on clinical practice are inadequate. Cases will be further complicated by the size of the herds, the rapid spread of diseases, often the coexistence of secondary factors or the appearance of more than one illness at the same time. When the diagnosis is late, it will cause severe problems for the farm. Today, in the practice of veterinary clinical medicine, laboratory results have become indispensable for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In this process, the relay to antibiotic medicine has been taken by modern veterinarians with conscious diagnoses and treatments based on the use of advanced diagnostic methods and the ability to make visible and monitorable the effect of the treatments. Laboratory services are for both diagnostic and protective purposes.
MISSION : To determine the most appropriate treatment option in all matters related to the clinical practice of poultry and livestock, animal feeding and consulting without deviating from the principles of independence and impartiality and with a trustworthy, precise, innovative and investigative approach.
VISION : To be the most trusted laboratory and clinic in Turkey while preserving our innovative and pioneering identity in the diagnosis, analysis and treatment sector by constantly renewing ourselves and by working with our expert staff in the field, using the latest techniques and most and most advanced technologies available in the sector of veterinary public health and animal health.